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Greg Gunn – Color For Creatives
Greg Gunn – Color For Creatives



What will you get

  • To use color well, you must first understand how it works.
  • Color is a key pillar of good design and this course will teach you the fundamentals you need to use it well. It’s more art than science, but when you’re done, you will have a clear understanding of both.
  • Take the guesswork out of choosing colors.
  • There is more to color wheel than meets the eye. Learn how to use it and apply well-established color harmonies to pick and pair colors together like the professional you are.
  • Create unique and meaningful color palettes for anything.
  • The right color palette can make or break a brand, logo or illustration. And building a strong palette requires careful thought and effort. Learn how to source reference and build your own color palettes, entirely from scratch.
  • Spice up your type.
  • Don’t ruin your type with bad color decisions. Learn how to give your typography the right amount of contrast and balance of color to keep it bold, sharp and exciting.


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